Wednesday, January 8, 2014

living in Pandora

               In the article "The Art of Immersion: Fear of Fiction" by Frank Rose talks about the way people get to involved in the movies they see and books they read at the time due to the advances in technology that make these means of entertainment more available and more entertaining. many a times these people feel that  what happens in these movies or books are so weirdly fascinating that they envision themselves in those scenarios or places. for example Miguel De Cervantes wrote about a man named Don Quixote that after reading so many books constantly from morning to night he had lost his sanity to the point that he envisioned himself as a knight looking for adventures and living his life as according to his books a knight had lived  long ago. Frank Rose also talks about how many movies and shows would make their content so believable and surreal that many people felt it was too real and very immersive. with the advances in technology things like the internet have evolved  to the point that it shares the same intense immersion feeling people experienced with the coming of movies, television, and books. the internet although it is very up and coming has a rare occurrence for authenticity but also has features to catch those fake ideologies and content on the internet. even thought technology gives us that feature to weed out the fake and the surreal occurrences on movies and television we choose to be immersed in what is known to not be real.
              To answer question number four from what was mentioned in paragraph 25 in this article, i agree with what is stated because everyone wants to have some sort of fantasy world they can run to from the real world they are facing at the moment. the fantasy world such as Pandora is a place where you feel no tension and are not in suffering of any sort. you forget whats happened and live for the now and imagine only great things or things you have scene else where which you did not have at present or in the past. a lot of people seek fantasy worlds in books and movies not only to escape their reality but to also make sense and to help them deal with reality. in the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens there is an example for how people seek a different idea of life from what they have now. it says on the last page of stave one " the air filled with phantoms, wandering...and lost the power for ever."(page 52) it goes to explain about phantoms that are wandering around right outside Mr. Scrooges window seeing how they all looked awful and wished to be in a different world they presently were in which happens to be their after life. for those people the after life is having to walk the earth for eternity while carrying all their possessions since they were greedy and didn't help others in their past life and were then burdened to lead their knew lives  for this purpose. now that they have nothing good and just suffer so they fantasize to interfere in good deeds helping others now that they are not able to do that in their after life which they dread.


  1. I liked how to summarized the article. I totally agree with your answer to number 4. Everyone has there happy place to escape from reality and relieve their tension

  2. Not a bad summary here, but I'm not sure I understand how you think the novel supports Rose's argument :-/