Tuesday, January 14, 2014

“Large corporations doesn’t want to have same rank as small ones”

Rick Groen is one of the film critics, who are interested in “Why Hollywood Hates Capitalism”, in his article he makes a research and brings up very good and clear evidence. Hollywood hates capitalism as in capitalism everyone is in different position or social class. Hollywood seems to us, for the viewers as a big business. The authors of the article provide us with the movies that made a good profit. The three movies, which he mentions in his article, became a big trend, and brought a big capital. Hollywood movies create a feeling of evil way of capitalism existence. Manufactures create a feeling of hypocrisy toward Hollywood movie. It is the industry who has it’s own workers who are being exploit. But on the other hand it creates a myth about Hollywood lives, in which we tend to believe. Each person who works in Hollywood has to build its own mountain and climb it up! Producers create dream scenes for us, and we think of Hollywood as a dreamland, and happiness. In the next paragraph the authors of the article gives the picture of Hollywood capitalism, by stating: “…not the growth of individual but the growth from the individual to the corporation” It is much similar to our real world, that each of us works for the higher classes, and we are being exploit in a certain way.  We can draw a relation between capitalism and the dream; it’s a dream because the producer shows mostly the good sided of their actors or their characters. Actor’s roles sometime represent the real face of the people who are in the government.  When movie show only the good side of life, when the person is rich and the fortune and luck is on his side, the viewer has a different picture in his head and they think of it as a dream.
For Hollywood movie it doesn’t take much time to be famous, as it always appears in action, or there is some scenes of violence and sex, which is more popular during our time. Hollywood prefer to stay away from those are not ambitions or don’t show any action on the scenes. Rick Groen in his work on “Why Hollywood Hates Capitalism” says: “Hollywood tends to stay away from them, unless they can e portrayed as eccentrically rugged individuals themselves…”
 The authors introduces the evidence of capitalism through the illustration of Ford, who was a very successful man, but eventually he becomes the “damned inventor of the soul-crushing assembly line…” (p.355) In addition the author brings an example of Ford and the image of Moore’s character. Ford is one of those people who are hard to put down, in a moral way. In classic “Roger and Me” by Moore, he tries to find and ask CEO of General Motors and his boss tries to stop him. The business has to be bad so that this business would benefit the screen. Tinselton is against capitalism as if it’s not political or moral, author writes in his article. Hollywood creates a myth and fairytale for each of us.

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