Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nothing is change the same heroes over and over again.

In the episode of Dr. Who "the unquiet death" Dr. Who travels back on time to explore culture. Dr. Who and his helper travel to England in 1860. This was the time when Literature was expanding through the kingdom, so much so, that this literature was no longer for the rich, It was also reaching the middle class audience. The episode start in a funeral home. The owner of the house and the maid were living there. In this house something strange was happening. One of the dead bodies had escape from the funeral home. The owner and the maid were travel. The got into the carriage and went looking for the death walking woman. Mean while, the travelers were looking for a place to go. Through their walk along the town they heard people screaming. They run to the tether, and that was when they found Charles Dickens. At the same time they meet with the lost spirit, and the funeral home people. One of the travelers got adapted by the funeral home people. Dr. Who and Charles Dickens follow the people to the funeral home. They get there and they discovered the house was haunted. The maid was the missing key for the aliens to come to earth. The maid uses herself as a bridge between the aliens and the people. After that the aliens possessed all the dead people, and in order for the travelers to stop what is happening they need to blow up the funeral home. Afterwards, Charles Dickens figured out how to blow up the funeral home. After they ran out of the funeral home, the travelers and Charles Dickens, got together and said goodbye to each other. Before they left Charles Dickens had asked a question, if his books were going to cause an impacted in the future.

In the "Christmas Invasion" Dr. Who travels back to London. In this episode it was the change of Dr. Who's body. It was Christmas time when he had gotten there. As soon as he said hello to people that he knew, he had fainted. His helper takes Dr. Who to her mothers house, to get well. Little by little Dr. Who was getting weaker as time went by. They thought he was going to die. While they were getting ready for Christmas, the aliens had visited the earth because Dr. Who was there. The aliens had communicated with the Prime Minister, they told him to give up the earth, otherwise they would destroy the world. The Prime Minster had later sent a message saying that she will not give up the earth. The aliens hypnotized a third of the world. The aliens had abducted Dr. Who and the Prime Minister. Dr. Who had confronted the aliens and told them to leave or else he would fight them. The aliens had refused his offer and they started to fight. When they came back to earth the Prime Minister had given the order to destroy the aliens space ship. They destroyed the space ship and a result to this Dr. Who had gotten mad at the Prime Minister.
           The way I linked these two episodes of Dr. Who to "Creating the Myth", is that Dr. Who is the hero. Every time he goes back in time, he encounters some type of trouble. Dr. Who decides to take the challenge to help other. He fights with the aliens and saves the human race. "Creating the Myth" is about people writing about heroes. In every movie the hero is some sort of problem and decides to fight or not. He fights the enemy to save the people lives. While he is defeating the enemy he loses strength. He regains a boost of energy and fights the enemy and finally defeat the enemy. He comes back defeating the enemy and saving the peoples lives. Dr. Who and these hero's are similar because they fight for what is right for the human race .


  1. You're a little off. The first episode wasn't about aliens, it was about spirits and demons and you're missing one of the main characters Rose, the blonde girl that got kidnapped and was Charles Dickens/Doctor Who's reasoning for going to the house. Also it was in 1869 not 1860, they made a mistake. The ending connection between Doctor Who and Creating the Myth was good though. Pretty relevant to each other

  2. Good points, Ashley, though the Gelth were, in fact, aliens :-)

    Great summaries, Mari!