Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Immersion a sad reality

Frank Rose is a jornalist that it has contributing two many magazing. In his last book the art of immersion: Fear of fiction. In this book he talks about how digital genaration is changing the midia. In the book Frank Rose writes an assay about the way technology has been devoloping as well as the effects in culture. when aditor took a look at the multi-million production Avatar. They wondered if the 3D movie will be sucessfull. Frank Rose remarks that he was not suprise to see that this production created a sence of immersion in people with all the cutting adge techonology is being use today.In the assey Frank Rose goes on comparing Migel de Servantes novel wrote centuries ago "Don Quixote". Then Frank Rose goes on with explainning the way that immersion fiction is greater an greater in cuture. Also Frank talks about how immesion becomes popular in Ingland. In 1830s they stated industralization kick in and the literacy stated to grow. So they came out with better ways of reaching audience of different economic status. They came out with a clever and a cheap way to sell literature call sirialization. In the end of the essay Frank Rose he reasure that TV and publicity is also they way peple is lead to strafive away from reality. Well, in my sperience about the this suject i defintetly agreed with Frank Rose because he explain how immersion has been progresing in culture from a serial books to 3D movies. I can see how this evolution starts. In Ingland literature in the 1830s literature took a extrime turn. Where Christmas Carol was de first sirialize books. From that point on emmersion fiction stated to chance authenticity in people by emmergin. Wich is a tool to take people from reality. I see it like is a way to scape from pain instead of comfronting it.

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  1. Good post, Mari! Just proofread a little more closely :-)