Thursday, January 9, 2014

How fiction can change reality

The Art Of Immersion: Fear Of Fiction” written by Frank Rose is an essay in which Rose explains the history of new technology and the way we respond to the new technology.  In the 1830’s England was transformed by technology. Industrialization began in England where thousands of people flocked to the cities and literacy rose tremendously. At the time young authors have published books through serialization.

In the early 1950’s housewives were star struck with watching TV icons in their living rooms. Then came the movies, TV games, social networking and the Internet.

Avatar that was made by James Cameron is one of the best fantasy films of all times. The imaginary figures in avatar are brilliantly created to appear like a “human being”. Its as though you are part of the film. Immersed within it not realizing what is real and what is fiction. It is so real that it is hard to tell that it is hard to tell what is real and what is not real.

I agree with Roses claim that we do not want “authenticity”; we want the Pandora effect being in a fantasy world. We are living in a fantasy world because real life is Painful, Grueling and mundane. Avatar and the A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens are revolutionary fantasies that audiences want to sit back and experience the new science fiction that opens up our mind and heart into a brave new world of fantasy figures. In A Christmas Carol Scrooge is running out of reality by going to sleep after the ghostly image of his friend and business partner, Marley, appears to him warning him of his peaceful life after his death because his miserly ways.

Harry potter is another film series that can serve of an example of a magical wizard figure that restored the harry potter legend of magical wands and brought down the dark elements of the dark courts of England. The Harry Potter movies were made to entertain and to transmit the story of Harry Potter in visual form to the world and make it feel as if its reality.

There is a great video on how fiction can change reality and how culture affects it. I found it very interesting and related to this topic were discussing in class. 


  1. Fantastic post, Shirel! And wonderful video to include! We'll have to watch this in class :-)

  2. Another book I can also add to this which is just like Harry potter is the chronicles of narnia . It gives us a chance to take ourselves out of reality and into a fantasy.