Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hidden Intellectualism

Gerald Graff is an English professor at the university of Illinois at Chicago. Graff starts off speaking on how students are more wise in the streets then in school. He recommends using street smarts in school so students can relate to it and understand a topic better. The teachers teach students stuff by ways that it can be difficult for them to understand. With this assumption Graff says if the teachers give a more interesting and not a dull example it will be a more useful. Students will rather act intelligent instead of reading something that is intelligent. Graff gives an example on growing up in his neighborhood . If you were smart you wouldn't fit in, you will get picked on. Another example is giving about intellectualism using Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. Graff then realizes that he has been practicing how to be intellectual (¶ 9). Him trying so hard not to be intellectual he noticed he was , with stuff he did everyday. Such as reading magazines, sports, and arguing and giving facts (¶ 10). Books smarts are supposedly more intellectual than street smarts but street smarts aren't limited. Graff gives great examples on how street smarts can actually help students clarify things.Instead of comparing academics things to stuff students have trouble breaking down.Compare the academics to everyday things, something they are passionate about.

While reading this article i had to brake it down by reading three paragraphs at a time and take some notes down. This way helped me so when i get to the ending i would not have to re-read the whole article again. While i was reading the article i tried to watch this episode of law and order. The episode was getting so juicy i just had to turn it off and focus i get very easily distracted.

While reading the article i came across six words that i didn't know. The six words were pedagogical, microcosm, adolescence, cogitations, transcended, and conspicuously. I wrote these words down while i was reading and looked it up and got the definition from I also took notes in a small notebook and used four pages back to back.


  1. Well written essay.. I like how you mentioned Graff comparing Marilyn Monroe and Elvis..I don't know how some people watch tv and read..i would be distracted especially if its a good show.. Most of the time that picture is me..i find it hard to concentrate sometimes and it so frustrating.. I listen to music when i read maybe you should try to helps me focus

  2. What Eric said :-)

    What kind of notes did you take other than the words you didn't understand, AG?

  3. i took notes on everything, after i just put everything together and this is how i was able to write this.