Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hidden Intellectualism Reference Marilyn Monroe

 In "Hidden Intellectualism" by Gerald Graff he speaks about street smarts vs book smarts. Throughout the article he explains how street smarts can be more valid then book smarts.  Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson, and later on her name was changed to Norma Jeane Baker. Monroe was born in Los Angeles in 1926 raised by a single mother with an illness. Monroe had a hard childhood going in an out of foster homes, but later on in life she was successful. Became a very popular pop icon ,and got her stage name "Marilyn Monroe" from Modeling. She became known as a sex symbol, and a played in a couple of movies. Monroe was married twice first to Joe DiMaggio , and lastly Arthur Miller.Marilyn Monroe then died at the age of 36 from overdose, no one knows if it was suicide or a mistake. To support his claim he used Marilyn Monroe as a reference on page 305. Graff quoted "the symbolic triumph of geek over jock suggested the way the wind was blowing". This quote is showing geek as book smart and jock as the street smart. Haas quotes "Marrying the intellectual Miller appeared to stem from her deep-seated need to be taken seriously".Marilyn was taken as joke when she was married to a geek she wasn't seen as a sex symbol anymore. This relates to Graff because he quotes " I was desperate for the approval of the hood..[It] was not at all good to be book-smart". Graff wasn't excepted to smart in his neighborhood his image wasn't taken serious.

Haas, Elizabeth. "Monroe, Marilyn (1926-1962)." St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. Ed. Sara Pendergast and Tom Pendergast. Vol. 3. Detroit: St. James Press, 2000. 399-401. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 21 Jan. 2014.


  1. I like the connection. Marilyn has many great quotes maybe you should add one in to make it more interesting

  2. Good post, and I see how it relates to Graff! But is that the only reason he mentions here?