Monday, January 13, 2014

Hidden Gems

The article “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff is an interesting one. Graff talks about how people with street smarts should be considered intellectual just as the people who are book smart. Furthermore he believes that instead of reading shakespeare schools should incorporate things that spark interest in students like cars, sports, fashion etc to engage students and they will be more productive when it comes to learning and he uses his own upbringing as an example. Where Graff grew up it was the cool thing to have street smarts over book smarts and as a result of that he chose sports over school work. Not only because of his environment but he hated to read school books so he had a passion for sports and became an avid reader of sports magazine. As a result of reading all of these sports magazines he didn't realize that it was building up the traits of an intellectual person. Graff learned that reading from reading those materials it consist of things that people will need in real life. For instance how to make an argument, assessing evidence, formulating ideas for conversation and so forth. Consequently we must broaden the definition of an intellectual person because of the wonders that not reading what is intellectually stimulating according to school standards.

I completely agree with Graff and his statements because I can relate to me being more productive if it was something that holds my interest. As I was reading this I was eating breakfast. I’ve noticed that whenever I eat when reading I can pay more attention and pick up on certain details I would of missed because of an empty stomach and all I can do is think about food and not really get into what I'm reading. Even if it’s a nutrigrain bar it’ll get the job done.


  1. Not a bad summary, Sean, but we want more details about your reading process!

    Though I agree, food is key. I've made a habit of keeping things like trail mix close-by when I work for that reason. It also keeps me focused 'cause I don't wander to the kitchen and waste time looking for something to eat :-)

  2. i totally agree with you if i don't eat i will not be able to function. Also i agree on your opinion about Graff. If teachers learning more interesting students will be more into it

  3. Yes at the same time you are nourishing the brain and the mind. furthermore I only see good things happening when the students are interested and engaged.