Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fiction vs reality

Fiction is a form of work that isn't real , its an creative imaginary thinking. Fiction can grab our attention because it opens our minds to think what if that really happened to me. In The Art of Immersion fear of fiction , Frank rose explains how many others books turned into movies and the viewers relate to it more. Frank rose begins with  Avatar a movie that was 200 million plus , and tells us that they didn't know if the viewers would go to see the movie. John Quittner wrote in Time magazine about his opinion on getting a inside look before the movie aired. Quittner responded "I couldn't tell what was real and what was animated" (366). Quittner felt as if he could return to Pandora an example of a weirdly immersive experience. Another weirdly immersive experience is from Don Quixote reading Miguel de Cervantes novel. Quixote would read the book all night and got so deep into the book that he turned himself into a character. There are many other examples of how fiction came into reality.The power of fiction in these movies allows to the characters to go into these immersive reality's. Allowing the viewers to go into these imaginary worlds become these characters they can never be and perform.
(Question #4.)
I agree with Rose's argument that we do not want authenticity its what we think we want. I agree because during the film we are going to be so into the movie, into this immersive reality . Even though we might have never been there, the way the fiction is grabbing our attention are minds are going to get grabbed to. This relates to A Christmas Carol because scrooge gets an escape from the actual world and gets to see some things and made him change his actual reality.

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