Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fiction Addicts ?

We are addicted to fiction for many reasons. The way the stories are told. How they are made to come to life in a movie so something so unexciting not real becomes reality . Frank Rose got right down to this in The Art of Immersion Fear of Fiction.  when he quoted Josh Quittner and what he wrote in Time about Avatar “I couldn't tell what was real and what was animated. The following morning , I had the peculiar sensation of wanting to return there as if Pandora were real.” In response to this Rose wrote It was was not the first time someone found an entertainment experience to be weirdly immersive. All the technology put into making Avatar, there was nothing new about it. This is not the first time fiction made someone feel this way. The fact that its a movie does not make it anymore wow or special as if this was not done before, just because of all this animation put into it. Someone can get lost simply by reading a novel or a short story. The presentation on the stories where just different thats all.
The only reason Tv is considered more real by people its because the environment is as real as the world and you can see it right before your eyes, but a book you can just close it. What Rose was trying to say in (pg 369) is that movies is been there done that. Novels, stories, are dangerously immersive in other formats. All these movies came mostly from a stories ,novels or books.
4. I would further Rose’s argument we see all these places in movies and we want to go there but in reality he have already been there we have people before us have. Thats why a story was written from there it made it into a big extravaganza on tv. Take example The Christmas Carol a popular book during the christmas season. A simple story that was meant to be different to stand out during the christmas time back in London in 1840s. This story made an impact on us today all the movies and remakes of the Christmas Carol it became so real. I know there were little kids out there and adults for that matter that slept at night thinking three ghosts of some kind will visit them telling them of their wrong deeds and they will have to change or go through this experience as well. This connected to the readers and made them feel things that were unimaginable before that’s what fiction does.


  1. Hello, Nadiya! While I was reading your blog it caught my attention, I like the way you set up your paragraphs. Your ideas are also similar with my perception on those reading. The way you explained the quotes, also made it very interesting.

  2. Not a bad post, nadiya! But be sure that when you quote an article you put the quoted parts in quotation marks :-)

    But I really like your ideas about adaptations of A Christmas Carol proving Rose's point!