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“Famous but at the same time unknown”

Gerald Graff is the author of the article “Hidden Intellectualism”, in his work he brings a lot of evidence of “hidden intellectualism” in another words how sometimes people keep their talents invisible. Eventually, he leads us to the point of how a person could be “book-smart” and “school-smart”. On page 305 he brings evidence of Marilyn Monroe and her unfortunate marriages with famous baseball player (Joe DiMaggio) and producer (Arthur Miller). The author of the article lived during the 1950 and Marilyn Monroe was still at her peak of famous person.  As author was always interested in sport he read sport magazines that introduced him to know about famous sport players and their life. One of those people was Joe DiMaggio and his marriage to a beautiful star Marilyn Monroe. 
Marilyn Monroe is the good example of what the author was talking in his article. As she was growing up during ’20-’60 those times wasn’t productive and successful for everyone. Norma Jean Marterson was born in 1926 in Los Angeles, California. As Norma’s mother worked as a fitter in the film studio and at the time of Norma’s birth she had twice been married and gave birth to two children, who lived and grew with husband's family. But, know one knew who was Norma’s father. In childhood Norma dreamed that her father was a famous actor Clark Gable, with whom she working on the screen (“The Misfits”) in her last month of life.
As soon as Norma turned seven years old, her mother who suffered from severe depression, got into the psychiatric clinic. She changed not a one family who adapted her. When Norma turned 16 she was married with of her neighbor Jim Doughert.  After a year of their marriage Doughert joined marine. While Jim Doughert was in the sea, his young wife worked in munitions plant in Radio Paine. It was till 1944, and then fate gave a chance to Norma to change her life. It happened when on Radio Plant came David corner who was a photographer, he wanted to do the pictures of young women in order to “raise a mood of those soldiers who was at war”. Eventually a very good photo studio saw her pictures.  She began her carrier as a model. Norma got a big popularity, from being a “woman from cover page”.  After 4-years of marriage Norma divorced her husband and she moved to Hollywood to start her own independent life.  At that time she singed a contract with a famous film studio “XX century – Fox” – where she got a new name of Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn appeared on the screen but her carrier didn’t last for long in “XX century-Fox”. Actually she got fired, but she never stopped studying in cast laboratory, and she paid for her education from the money she earned from her photo shoot.
Monroe played not a one role but unfortunate those roles were everyday roles that changed. She was still striving to learn and play more serious roles.
In 1953 Marilyn Monroe got a chance to play a role in “How to Marry a Millionaire”. She worked with people such as: Lauren Bacall. Critics rated this movie as unprecedented success. This movie and more others made her a famous actress; critics commented that, her role shows her true talent of actress, not just a sex symbol. She was always around attention especially her private life; the most newspaper sensation was when she married a king of baseball Joe DiMaggio. This person played a big role in her life, even after their divorced he always came to help her. DiMaggio couldn’t forget his most loved person and every week he sent her flowers, and then he brought them on her funeral. Joe DiMaggio was the only one who came to spend her last minutes of life.
Another marriage that played a big role in her life, marriage with – Arthur Miller, playwright. It was ne of the longest marriages she stayed in, which lasted for 5 years, which unfortunately didn’t bring her any happiness. Monroe’s dream about marriage with the one man and become a mother stayed as a dream. He sadness about not having children lead to charity for other children.
Marilyn was losing her as a person, because of her genetics, of suffering from psychological stress. She suffered from insomnias and she was taking medicine of barbiturate and other drugs that she mixed with alcohol.
On 5th of April, 1962 was an official date of Monroe’s death, but there was other versions of it, that she was killed or it was a suicide, and the overdoes of her drugs. Her death is still remains as a secret. She is gone long time ago, but her evasive and at the same time the visible image of the actress still stirs the hearts of people. What is important is that more than half a century of her existence on the screen and off the screen is excites and electrifies the screen, and it makes the viewers laugh and cry. What Marilyn Monroe successes in her life, she received not only by sex, as is commonly believed, but also through hard work, her aspiration of education and through her luster that emanates from her, even in the most meaningless movies.

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  1. Alina, great summary you have given us. I am one of those who have read a little on Munroe but I cannot remember reading about her paying her way through school. However little one gets, school always make a big difference. I read the passage twice but I could not decipher clearly how it relates to the authors essay. Help out.

  2. Thank you. She went to school of actors, while she was working as a model in photo studio.

  3. I agree with Hellen; this is an excellent summary, but you've said nothing about how it relates to Graff's point :-/