Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Effects of disbelief and embracement

         In stave one of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens explains the tragedy and after effect of a lost partner named Marley to a character named Ebenezer Scrooge. Dickens starts the story off with the death of of human, as a surprise knowing that the title of the book is a "Christmas Carol ", some would assume that the story they were about to read was about being happy, jolly and full of spirit during the well known holiday Christmas. Once reading the first few words of the novel "Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that." people would be drawn to read more of this story and catch the attention of almost anyone who is interested and curious about violence, fear, and death. This death was significant because, it was Scrooges partner and it happened on Christmas Day. This resulted in the enormous hatred that Scrooge has for the holidays, Although he was already greedy, cold hearted and careless for others. Soon after Marley's death, Scrooge began to 
see apparitions and ghostly shadows of his partner. Being a skeptic to the spirit world he ignored the noises and actions that the ghost of Marley was causing. After what seemed to be hours to him the noises of clanking of bells, doors opening and items being dragged, Scrooge just turns his head in non belief and says "humbug".
         Using Steven Kings essay "Why We Crave Horror Movies" and his perspective about scary stories, his belief in the fact that people are drawn to horror would be perfect in the case of "A Christmas Carol" due to the fact that Charles Dickens takes a holiday which would be one of the most warm hearted and kindly celebrated day Christmas Eve, and turns it into a eerie and creepy event in his book by adding supernatural occurrences and adding ghosts. This novel can relate to Steven kings theory in many ways, but one line in the novel which fits and agrees with Kings theory would be "He did pause, with a moment’s irresolution, before he shut the door; and he did look cautiously behind it first, as if he half expected to be terrified with the sight of Marley’s pigtail sticking out into the hall." indicating that Scrooge was curious and had a almost sure feeling that he would be startled by the sight of Marley when he looked behind the door.

         This is a video showing that even though were terrified we still continue to seek fear. 
(skip to 0:17)


  1. Hello, Bryan! I read your blog and found it very interesting, because you make very straight forward points in your blog, and the quotes that you use to support your idea. I also want to refer to the video that you posted, it was funny and at the same time I agree with your sentence "even though were terrified we still continue to seek fear".

  2. Good post here, bryan, but I don't see how the cat video relates. Be sure to include Analysis to explain how your Evidence (the video) relates to your Claim ;-)