Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dr. Who- the man who stands fear in the eye

           The show is about a Doctor who is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in his Tardis to many places such as planet earth either to save it from an alien threat or to take a few people away to the distant parts of the galaxy to help him fight evil. Instead of dying the Doctor is able to regenerate s able to regenerate”e shows. he doctor and the maide are the heros of those shows. dont ar 1860 only after getting to the timeinto a new body, taking on a new personality with each regeneration. During his travels he has a girl named Rose tag along with him.
            In the episode The Unquiet Dead it is about how Dr. Who and Rose enter the Tardis wanting to go to the year 1860 only after landing they figure out they have entered into the year 1869 on Christmas. Entering into this year was meant to be because they were able to fight off strange gas-like creatures. The Doctor and Rose team up with Charles Dickens to investigate Mr. Sneed a man who runs a funeral parlor where it seems that corpses have come to life. It is revealed that the gassy ghosts have entered through a Rift and wish to survive by taking over the corpses.
            In the episode Christmas Invasion- Aliens Arrive is about how the Tardis falls to Earth on Christmas Eve, bringing the new Doctor home to Rose’s family. While he goes through regeneration however everything goes wrong, Santa-shaped assassins and deadly Christmas trees as messengers approach rose, her mother, and friend identifying   that a terrible danger from the stars is coming called the Sycorax. They come to planet earth to take over by threatening to kill people who are a blood positive if the people of that planet don’t surrender to be their slaves. The Doctor saves the day by solving the mystery as to how to make this disaster go away.
            In the article “Creating the Myth” by Linda Seger shows a connection with all Dr. Who episodes especially the two that were written about in the blog. I say this because in all the episodes of Dr. Who it shows a hero brought into the story. In both episodes of Dr. Who both the doctor and the maid are the heros of the shows.  in "The Unquiet Dead" , the maid is the hero because she sacrifices her life for earth by using herself as the rift for which the ghosts were entering and departing from and for Christmas Invasion the doctor is the hero by saving earth as well by figuring out how the Sycorax aliens were trying to concur planet earth. 

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  1. "The Doctor saves the day by solving the mystery as to how to make this disaster go away." Really? You call that a summary ;-)

    And HOW are these characters heroes?