Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dr Who , the hero.

This week in class we watched two episodes of Dr.Who . I have never heard of this show before it was introduced to me on Thursday . The show seemed to be of the science fiction genre , using aliens and time travel as major parts of each story/show. "The Unquiet Dead" episode occurred around the 1860's (day before Christmas ) featuring the popular author Charles Dickens and time travelers from the present , throughout the show the time travelers are seen as the good guys , who try to help the aliens out so they won't become extinct , but the tables seem to turn when the aliens seem to be the bad guys and try to take over the planet , tricking the Dr . However, Dickens devises a plan to stop these "aliens " from taking over . But at the end , a life is taken as a martyr , knowing that the only way for good was for the individual to die .
The "Christmas invasion "  occurs around Christmas time, present day, featuring the dr and his young apprentice, her mom and her friend . In the begining, the dr seems to have been severely sick , making him bedridden, not being able to help the people through their time of crisis. While the dr lays in bed , a series of events start to occur , like spinning Christmas trees trying to hurt individuals , Santa clauses with guns trying to harm people and a giant spaceship hovering over the world, controling 1/3 of the world population (these people had a+ blood) . During the time of these events his apperientence tries to wake up the Dr , but soon gives up, discouraged  because the dr has yet to awoken. But little did she realize that all the doctor needed was some tea .  The doctor automatically feels much better and saves the world with defending the aliens leader and compromising peace amongst them.
These episodes relate to " creating a myth" because it talks about the kind of plots and morals stories include , which usually include a underdog or a hero saving the world or somebody . In these episodes the hero is played by dr who , who constantly saves the world , becoming a hero.

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