Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Don't spend what you don't have

     Have you ever owed tons of money to the government, a friend, family member, or even behind on your own credit card bills? I would believe that most of us have played the I.O.U game with our friends, but not with other companies and agencies, realizing this could be be a bit difficult to get out of especially if a lot of money was spent. Being in debt can be one of the worst and stressful feeling one can have. I personally would know. In "Debtors Prism", an article written by Margret Atwood, she explains what debt is in the eyes of the debtor (one that owes something to another). Atwood describes being in debt as a challenge, yet also an ad relive rush to work hard to get out of it. She brings up a character  from "A Christmas Carol" named Scrooge, a man who is a huge fan of money.

     The reader first witnesses Scrooge as being bitter and cold hearted. He was extremely greedy, a worshiper of money to be exact. He was always the looking to get things for free. He was known to collect money from others keep it all to himself. The reader later sees a different version of Scrooge. This Scrooge being the complete opposite from the first one. This Scrooge was a man who gave the money he earned to other individuals. He felt that it was not fair for h to have all this money and watch others struggle so he decided to share his wealth with them.

     This is significant because it shows how being in debt can really motivate someone to making a drastic change of their perspective on life. The first Scrooge we are introduced to shows us that if you can't trust yourself with money, then you can not trust anyone at all. This plays into the point of debt. You can't spend money that you don't have. As Atwood showed us that being in debt could truly drive a person to success, this example being the second Scrooge we see who changes for the better and shares his own money with others instead of burrowing everyone else.


  1. i totally agree with what your saying about owing others and being in debt.it sucks and i always make sure to pay all when i borrow even if it takes me a few months to pay a friend off i make sure the debt is payed off.

  2. Late! But not a bad post :-)

    But where's your answer to Question 2--the analysis of a quote from A Christmas Carol?