Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Does Fear Change Our Behavior?

I began to read a book called "A Christmas Carol", by Charles Dickens, You would think that this book might be about a beautiful Christmas day with unwrapping gifts , joyful holiday music, and a beautiful Christmas tree by the fireplace, but this story is far from that, and here I will began, It happen on Christmas day, Marley and Scrooge were best friends they even shared their own business together for many years, but In Christmas day Marley departs from this earth,Scrooge however becomes dark, mean, and a grumpy man because the lost of a best friend. Scrooge is beginning to be a cold person that some people and even dogs were starting to fear. However, Scrooge likes the feeling of being feared by others. In "A Christmas Carol", (Dicken3,4,5) shows how mean spirited is Scrooge towards he's nephew (which is joyful and wants uncle Scrooge to dine in his house of Christmas, but Scrooge refused his invitation .) Scrooge is beginning to hate Christmas. Because of Marley's departure this is starting to show why Scrooge hates Christmas so much, Remember in the beginning of this paper I wrote Marley died on Christmas day? Well, this explains Scrooge's behavior towards Christmas as seven years past Marley's death Scrooge turns his feelings into hate and anger towards the holiday of Christmas. At Christmas night something unusual happens to Scrooge he is visited by a ghost but not just any ghost ,Scrooge's best friend Marley, Scrooge is surprised but yet unsure if to believe in ghost after communicating with the ghost of Marley, Marley tells Scrooge that he will be visited by three other ghost at a certain time, Scrooge behavior changes completely, however, Scrooge tries not to show that he is fearful of a ghost. Scrooges begins to look under the bed, checks the closet, looks outside, even double-locks the door, which he never used to do. However, while Scrooge was locking the door he sighed and said "Humbug" which means nonsense, but Scrooge did not dare to finish the word. In the beginning of class my professor give me a reading called "Why We Crave Horror Movies", by Stephen King, my question is what are we really afraid of ? ghost, spirits, zombies? Or fear is just a feeling we need to balance like our emotions? Just like Scrooge people fear something whether it is a spider or a ghost. we need fear to balance ourselves mentally. This connects to "A Christmas Carol", how? well, you notice in the story Scrooge is a grumpy-mean man, but when the ghost "fear" arrives , Scrooge's behavior changes. Aren't we all like this? Well,Yes, I think so, when we fear something we change our behavior, even it is good or bad. We all need fear. It is a balance of our emotions.


  1. I agree with you that fear can change our behavior. Fear is a response to physical and emotional danger, if we dont feel it we cant protect ourselves from threats. often we fear things that are far from life or death and it holds us back for no reason.Although on the other hand being exposed to something that makes you fearful is the best way to move past them or really make a big change in your life.For example how scrooge is told through an image of his friend marley that if he dosent change his ways he will suffer and carry his own burden instead of dying peacefullly. This made scrooge think of his ways and possibly change his life for the better by changing who he is.

  2. exactly, I think that Scrooge saw the ghost of Marley as fear. although he's cold hearted in the first chapter we are beginning to see Scrooge fearing ghosts he begins the double lock the door and checking everything around the house. We also do that as well.. for example, if you finish watching a scary movies you emotions are telling you, to beware of something you beginning to start hearing things and that when fear kicks in. however, we also start to watch hours of cartoons or funny movies to clam that fear down to balance our emotions.

  3. Good discussion going on here!

    As for your summary, Karina, be sure it doesn't present your interpretation of the text, only what happens. Dickens never suggests that it was Marley's death that made Scrooge become so grumpy. On the contrary, Scrooge doesn't seem to have particularly liked Marley :-/