Sunday, January 26, 2014

Doctor Who creates the myth

                “The Unquiet Dead” episode of Doctor Who was pretty much about the dead coming back to life momentarily, disturbing people, and the main characters were trying to figure out the reason why. There was the mortician, his apprentice, Charles Dickens, the doctor and Rose. Dead people would lie in the coffins and then get up, try to hurt other people, and then the spirits would leave the body and disappear into flames because the spirits were made out of gas. So whenever there was a flame around, they would just disappear into the flame. Later on when they were trying to figure out what’s wrong, one of the spirits said that they were trapped and trying to get out. Well I’m not exactly sure what they said but they persuaded the main characters to help them only to realize that the spirits were actually demons. They thought that they were helping to unleash the spirits and give them freedom when really they were unleashing demons that wanted to take over the world. Everyone escaped except for the apprentice and the mortician (not sure, I forgot) because the apprentice decided to be the hero since she was helping the demons escaped. The doctor, Rose, and Charles Dickens escaped without letting any of the demons out of the basement and the mortician’s apprentice used a match to blow everything up and obliterate the demons since they’re made of gas. She sacrificed herself in order to save the world. The Doctor and Rose thought that she saved the world and that nobody would ever hear about it but in the end Charles Dickens said he would make a story about it and go around telling people about it. So in the end she was a hero and her story would not go untold.
                “The Christmas Invasion” starts off as the Doctor being reincarnated and Rose doesn’t trust him at first but she eventually warms up to him. The problem was that the time travel machine broke because the Doctor fell ill and they’re connected so if the Doctor is sick then the machine will not work. He has two hearts and one of them stopped beating. He was bedridden and could not help when he was needed. A weird series of events started happening such as random attacking Santa’s and spinning Christmas trees. Rose thought they were trying to get the Doctor. Then aliens started attacking the earth using a mind control that affects everyone with A+ blood type. All those people with that blood type would be mind controlled and walk to the highest rooftop to stand near the edge and wait to jump to their death. The aliens claimed that this was their work and that they would make 1/3 of the Earth’s population commit suicide if they did not get what they wanted. I think the deal was either 1/3 of the population dies or they surrender and give half of the population to them to be turned into slaves. Rose kept trying to wake up the Doctor but she felt like it was no use because he was reincarnated with a different personality. The Doctor that was once caring and would do whatever it takes to save the world rather lay in bed to feel better. Little did they know all he needed was some tea to feel better so once he got some tea, he came to the rescue and saved everyone. He manipulated the aliens and won the battle over them and made them leave the planet in peace. It was a bad ending for them though because they got blown up as they were leaving in peace by the prime minister of the United Kingdom (Harriet Jones). The Doctor was mad that she blew up the aliens and thought it was unnecessary but Jones didn’t want to take any chances.
                I see these episodes relating to “Creating the Myth” because the article talks about how people watch movies or hear about stories that have to do with heroic plots. The people that watch them want feel like they can relate to it in some way. The episodes relate to this article because in the articles there was always some crazy made up story that definitely wouldn’t happen in real life but the storyline of how there was a disaster, a character, and a plan for the character to become the hero, I think a lot of people would enjoy watching to feel like they could do the same thing. Even if there’s no common life problems of the dead rising back to life or aliens trying to take over the world, it’s what people would do in the situation if it was handed to them. In the end even if it is a myth the morals of the stories are to be the hero and to do the right thing. I’m pretty sure everyone would want to be the good person after watching episodes like that.

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  1. Good summaries and not a bad post, overall. Though you could go into more detail about the hero's cycle and how Doctor Who follows it.