Saturday, January 25, 2014

“Doctor Who and His Most Extraordinary Adventures”

The series shows the adventures of a mysterious alien humanoid who calls himself a Doctor, without traveling through time and space in a spaceship, which from the outside looks like a police box 50-ies. Doctor tremendously outstands and has incredible knowledge in the areas of technology, history and science. He travels along with his companions, while battling space villains and saving the Earth from countless enemies.
Two episodes that were shown to us in class took place during the Christmas time. The first episode “The Unquiet Dead” begins in1869, doctor and Rose found that time somehow special. Before Rose and Doctor arrived to the Cardiff the city in the UK. There was a big house and inside that house was morgue, this house was very strange, something unusual was going on. On a Christmas Eve day, 86 years old woman died and when her grandson came to say good-bye she suddenly became alive and she scragged him to death. She then disappeared. While Rose and Doctor were discovering the city, they passed by the theater from which they heard loud creams. There was a phantom of that woman, before the audience noticed the mysterious woman, Charles Dickens the author of many book was telling the story of “A Christmas Carol” when he got to the point of Marley ghost the woman gave the signs of eccentric thing. And Doctor with his assistant got on time to see what is going on. While on the other hand came along Mr. Smith is the owner of the house and his mistress Gvinet’s who had a supernatural gift. From that point on the adventure of the characters began, Doctor, Rose, Charles Dickens, Mr. Smith and Gvinet had to unite and discover what is going on with the house and the phantoms. Charles Dickens doesn’t want to believe in this fantasy and he doesn’t want to be part of this “game”.  But Doctor insisted Dickens to stay and take an opportunity of Gvinet’s gift to talk with the ghost and find out what the ghost want. They all sit around the big table by holding their hands together, on the climax of the film Gvinet summon one of the ghost to know what is that is bothering them. Spirits wanted the freedom, then wanted to live under the sun again, they asked Gvinet to build the bridge for them and open the gates. After a poor girls decided to help, phantoms tricked her and took her life instead, and they became as devils that started to kill people. Doctor had to decide what to do. Charles Dickens believed in existence of these creatures and he got an idea how to stop everything, he decided to hunt them with the gas so they will smother. And his idea worked, Gvent was dead and she gave matches to the doctor and he fired the house with the spirits and Gvents, but it saved the whole situation. At the end of the episode everyone left to be happy, Charles Dickens went with Doctor and Roe to the blue box and he asked them who are they, because doctor is very knowledgeable he said things about which people didn’t know during 18th hundred. Charles Dickens never go the answer but he asked another question is his book will be read after his death, to what Doctor answered that they will never die. The mood of the episode had a connection between Dickens’s writing especially A Christmas Carol.
Another episode that we watched was “The Christmas Invasion” the scene takes place during Christmas time in London. And this scene is more mistress than previous…Doctor changes his appearance, he become more yonger but still wise and knowledgeable. He and his assistant Rose came to her house. Doctor suddenly looses his energy, Rose and her mother try to heal him, but he is not an average human being. Rose is very upset because she feels she is looses the Doctor. When Rose and her friend went to the shopping they saw Santa Clause who played on xylophone, unexpectedly they started to shoot from this instruments, the big action took place. Rose tried to get help from the doctor, but he was still weak. In Rose’s house was going something unusual the Christmas tree started to spin very fast and it broke even the doors, the doctor woke up and he stopped the Santa Clause and the tree. Harriet Jones became a prime minister, who was responsible for the people of the country. She was in some organization when aliens from another planet began to contact with them, and they wanted the power. Harriet Jones didn’t want to make a deal with the aliens, and they took actions. A so-called sycoracks commanded to all the people of the city to stand on the edges of the roofs so the nation would be killed, and the only people who were on the roof only those who had the blood A positive. This type of blood gave the power and resources to the aliens. Harriet Jones appeared on the TV and made a public announcement that she needs doctor to help her. Rose knew that doctor is dying and nothing can be done. When she, her mother, and her friend wanted to leave the city in the blue box or at least try to save the country on her own, she some how pressed the bottom that took her to the space ship of the aliens. Harriet Jones and her crew were already in captivity of these sycoracks and she was very happy to see Rose. Rose tried to make a speech and help but it didn’t work. Unexpectedly, the doctor becomes alive and gets out f the blue box. He and the leader of the aliens started the fight. Doctor didn’t want to kill the that leader and he gave him a chance to leave with peace but alien took it for granted, eventually he got killed by the Doctor who never gives second chances. The ruler of the alien dies and the Doctor lets them go with piece. However, Harriet Jones had a plan in her head with the help of Torchwood they’ve killed the space ship then doctor was very upset with her. But the ending again was very happy, Doctor with Rose’s family celebrated Christmas.

I could relate these two episodes to the article “Creating a Myth” by Linda Seger who explained in her article how we become engaged to the fantasy that we watch or read.        As I watched these two episodes I had a picture of the page where she explained all the steps of how the characters become heroes of the stories. What journey they take in order to gain that power of being a strong character that at the end saves the world. But through out his journey he has those challenges, which he has to overcome, sometimes it could be with the help of someone. However, I could draw connections between the Article “The Art of Immersion: Fear of Fiction” is an article where the author states his point of view about the fear that fiction creates on people, and they tend to live in their own believes. Through out his article he provides a reader with lots of evidence about his main point, to prove his point he used pieces of literature, media, and films. When we watch or read about fantasy we sometimes want to live the life of the character, we sorrow for them, and sometimes we want to be in their spot but we never know how will we act in that situation. People who watch Doctor Who I believe became addicted to this serial, and they wait for the next season, they want to travel with him in his time machine. We like to live in our dreams, but times we want to relate them to reality. We sometimes tend to create our world with our imagination.                          


  1. Hi Alina, I read you blog and I found it good, that you were able to make the links between the two articles. I think you did well because you summarize the two episodes with a lot of details. I could visualize the whole episode all over again.

  2. I like your introduction of what Dr. Who is about. You were spot on with describing both episodes giving a clear picture of what happened. I believe she wrote out these steps on how Heroes become who they are in order to open up out mind and way of thinking. It may help us in-delve into the book, or movie etc. that we are viewing and really help us make this fantasy have a huge impact on our imagination.

  3. While I agree with both commenters that your post wasn't bad, your summaries are entirely too long. We need to cut to the key points!

    Also, I'm curious how (specifically) you see this show relating to the two articles.