Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Can You Control The Beast WIthin?

Nadirah Washington
Blog Entry #0.5

At one point in our lives we have all take a turn down insanity lane, unaware of where it may lead us. However, Author Stephen King explanation "Why We Crave Horror Films" by mapping out the the direction in which we want to direct our insanity. The safest way to tame your insanity is through horror films. Although, today your average movie ticket will run about $12 dollars, the craving for horror has no budget.
According to Stephen King the mass majority of horror film audience watch these films for endurance, in other words to face their fears head on mentally, to show "we are not afraid" claims Stephen King. But the older we age the less affect these horror films have on us because we begin to look at things at face value.  Between the ages 40 or 50 years we begin to get a bitter taste for horror films and the fear factor no longer exist.
We all have a desire to kill, I could kill for a back rub right now. :)

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  1. Not sure which post this is supposed to be, but it's still a good summary :-)