Monday, January 13, 2014

being in debt can sabotage your life

Margaret Atwood is a fictional writer of many genres. In this article Atwood explains debt, and emotions behind it. Debt are being caused by loans the government gives. This problem isnt recent it goes far back in history. How people are getting in debt are by spending money on expensive things they want. Since they are getting loans they are taking advantage and cannot stop, so they are left with a big bill. People rather spend money on stuff that are not needed then paying their bills. Atwood introduces Scrooge from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, as an example of debt. There are two types a Scrooges the one that saves and the one that goes out on a shopping spree at the end of the book.Dickens had nothing against Scrooge being rich. " It's what you do with your riches..that really counts" said Dickens. Dickens wasn't against scrooge through  out the book, he just showed how Scrooge changed. Scrooge represents the context of money and debt by being rich and greedy. " The imagery of bondage and slavery so often associate with debt " (18) .This quote means being in debt feels like your a slave. Until you pay off your debt you have freedom. Scrooge clients were in debt and weren't able to live in homes with their families. By being in debt In reality you can loose everything as well, just like in the story you can loose a home. Scrooge represents money cause it can show how greedy people get when they have it. "Instead of sitting on his pile of money, he begins to spend it"(19). Scrooge began spending it on others seeing that he was being greedy.


  1. Not a bad post, AG! Be sure to break up the parts of your posts with paragraphs. Otherwise, it all just jumbles together, making it difficult to follow your points.

  2. Hey AG, I agree that debt comes with spending. The wall-talks we had included the way media is used to sell all these fancy things "Art of Immersion." At the end of the day if we do not get the info will we desire them? I suppose we all need self control and boundaries. See you in class!