Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Art of Immersion : fear of fiction

Written by Frank Rose the Art of Immeersion: Fear of Fiction is an essay from his book about the "weirdly immersive" , meaning things that alter the mental state of an individual. Rose also writes on "authenticity" and how scarce and important it is to find.
Rose begins to talk about the immersion of books and movies throughout history,  and how highly immersive they appeared to their audiences.With today's modern technology we find the graphics of many movies such as action and horror movies highly immersive , drawing the eye to things that normally wouldn't appear or happen in reality, giving off the feeling of  living in fantasy world. The main example that was used with in the text was avatar , claiming that the movie was "weirdly immersive". But before the use of  technology , books appeared to seem immersive to their audiences , sometimes even captivating their mind too much.
"He read all night from sundown to dawn ,and all day from sunup to dusk, until with virtually no sleep and so much reading he dried out his brain and lost his sanity....... He decided to turn himself into a knight errant, traveling all over the world with his horse and his weapons  seeking adventures and doing everything that, according to his books , earlier knights have done." Rose estates this quote to show how a book/movie can be so fully captivating and immersive to an individual that it makes the individual feel that are actually within the story , like it is happening to themselves , affecting there way of thinking and their actions.
Reading the first stave of  the Christmas carol , the stave and the article do give somewhat proof the same perspective . In the Christmas carol Scrooge works as someone who gives mooney away to people who need it . But according to the Christmas carol Scrooge seems to be always upset , but does not describe why . But we can tell that Scrooge is overly immersive in his work , turning him into a different person , displaying actions because of maybe his immersion of work , just like when rose mentions the quote on page 367 and how the individuals actions changed because he was so immersive when it came to his book.

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  1. Your title was plagiarized ;-)

    Aside from that, your summary's a little short, and I don't quite see how the novel supports Rose's view. We'll discuss this as a class on Monday in greater detail :-)