Monday, January 27, 2014

Alien invasion? When is it our turn?

"The Christmas Invasion" in the Dr. Who series starts off with his time capsule crash landing in London on Christmas Eve.  Once he gets out, he suddenly collapses and is taken to a home to rest.  Dr. Who's assistant and an old friend go out to catch up and enjoy Christmas eve, when a group of people dressed up as Santa clause start attacking them; it is concluded they are after the Dr.  Once they arrive home, things get scary when a tree comes alive and starts to destroy the house by cutting it up.  The Dr. is handed a device that destroys the tree and vanishes these people called pilot fish that thrive off of this energy that is stored in Dr. Who.  Pilot fish are known for staying close together.  A satellite that was sent to Mars has already shown people there are aliens.  After further investigation, researchers have concluded that aliens are coming to earth.  on the ship that was sent into space was a vial of A+ blood, through this, the aliens are controlling all of the people with this blood type.  The spaceship comes into the earths atmosphere and teleports the prime minister up and the Dr.'s teleportation device up.  Right before all hope is lost, the doctor comes back to life.  After talking doesn't work, he challenges the king to a duel and wins.
Another Episode in the Dr. Who series is "The Unquiet Dead" and starts off with the dead coming back to life, and strangling the person grieving over her.  She than escapes and starts wandering outside, later on we find out that she goes to watch Charles Dickens perform "A Christmas Carol".  Dr. Who travels back in time to the year 1869 and its Christmas eve.  The apprentice to the morgue can see into peoples minds and starts to get a reading on Dr. Who.  As Mr. Dickens is telling the story, he sees the ghostly figure start to glow, once this happens there is a big commotion.  As people start to file out of the theater, the ghost vanishes into a gas lamp.  The Doctor jumps into a carriage and it happens to be Charles Dicken's.  He orders the Driver to follow the hearse and eventually they arrive at the morgue.  When Doctor Who comes in, he hears voices in the gas pipes.  They see the ghosts awaken and when asked what is required for them to secede from haunting the town, they reply by requesting the rift be opened.  A rift is a time between the present time, and some other place, it is keeping there souls in the present.   After the apprentice reads a mind, Doctor Who realizes that this girl is the key to the rift.  While doing a seance , the ghosts revels themselves, they say they cant get through the rift.  In order to survive they want to go through the rift and take the form of the other body's that have died.  They find the weak point in the rift and take the form of the dead body's that are in the morgue.  Even though they said, they wouldn't harm anyone, the ghosts lied and took over alive body's saying to kill everyone.  Since the ghosts thrive off of the gas, they decide to burn them.
These two episodes are very appealing to us, and make a person constantly want more.  It may just be the mere fact that it plays with the myth that people can teleport and travel through time.  Another possibility can be the fantasies of our world being taken over by aliens or ghosts and how we might react towards it.  It boils down to how we perceive things, and become part of it.  Whether we are courageous and make believe we are Dr. Who fighting off evil, or one of the others, cowering off in the side hoping for the best.  It's the action and myth that hypothetically speaking this could someday happen to us, and we need to prepare for it.


  1. Seth, this is a very good summaries of two episodes we've watched, I could visualize each episode. However, I think you can draw the parallel in more depth between the episodes and the two articles.

  2. you made good connections you just didn't specify which articles you connected it from.. Art of immersion? creating the myth?

  3. thank you Alina, I literally made the summaries as I was watching and while something important happened, I put it down. What else do you think I should have put in?
    Actually Shirel, I didn't specify on purpose because I was intertwining them both into making one whole analysis and basing it off of those two texts(Which will help me alot make a good presentation/ essay)

  4. Good points here. Be specific in the future, Seth ;-)