Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Christmas Carol : Scrooge , the "true" peoples person.

The Christmas Carol revolves around the life of an grumpy old man by the name of Scrooge,who seems to have no joy or happiness , especially around one of the most joyful holidays of the year. Not only is this man grumpy and nasty to those he surrounds himself with but is selfish and ungrateful. We therefore can conclude that Scrooge is not the typical "peoples person". Scrooges emotions and actions towards others seems to display a negative factor towards his personality , showing that he is just angry and depressed . Especially when a dearest friend died recently , making him appear to be heartless .
Towards the end of the stave , Scrooge is surprised and scared by an usual thing , his friend Marleys ghost  . Scrooge seems to be utterly surprised but not at all as scared as someone should be . This ghost however seems to appear with chains , like he has suffered.Being friends with Scrooge before he died the ghost appears because he  is trying to save Scrooge from the cruel afterlife by telling him that three ghost will be making appearances to him and he has to change.
According to the thesis of king , were all naturally crazy and that horror relieves tensions ,these ghosts are going to horrify Scrooge with his future that he has to change.


  1. Some may say Scrooge was a grumpy old man but I can argue otherwise. Imagine trying to help a town full of people with money problems and always bagging for financial aid and you help them. But when payments are do their shopping for a commercialized holiday titled "Christmas" when they owe money. Scrooge isn't a complete "Scrooge" or grumpy old man because if he was he would have never lend the financial hand to begin with for the people to owe him.

  2. From what we read this is the image we are getting off of scrooge, I agree with Tiffany.

  3. I have to disagree with N and AG13579. There's not much of a summary here to give us a good picture of the character or stave :-/ And you don't tell us how King relates to the stave other than to write it will.

    Lending people money doesn't make Scrooge a good person, since money lenders of the time lent at unreasonable interest rates :-(