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A Christmas Carol References

A Chistmas Carol it is a Ghost Story of Christmas, short novel by Charles Dickens, originally published in 1843. The story, rapilly was accepted and It was written in a short time,is one of the most out standing Christmas stories of modern literature.

After the three visits of the ghosts,the misely Ebenezer Scrooge is give the change to review his life and to change its outcome.The Ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge's as a little schoolboy, and when he was in love. The Ghost of Christmas Present shows to Scrooge that to be joyfull money has little to do;together they move around and the Ghost took Scrooge to see how his abuse clerk enjoyed Christmas with his wife and young ones, and his cheerful nephew Fred, who has married for love.The last of the Ghost allows Scrooge to see his end on earth. In where he see that no want care for him or no one cries. After Scrooge witnessing his own dead, Scrooge is a change man.It meditely he becomes generous and therby finding joy.

Scrooge came to understand the sins, he has cominding to all kind of people and specially to the ones around him. An that he was to carry with him all the damage he did for an eternal life. and this is exacly what the Margaret Atwood talks about that if you going to get rich. We need to pay close attencion not to become so attach with money. Because being greedy will not allow others to in increasse more money.

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