Friday, December 13, 2013

The Blog Post to End All Blog Posts...

I don't know how everyone else feels, but despite all the hard work, the class was rewarding in so many ways. Blogging, peer reviews, and our class presentations definitely made me grow as a writer and critical thinker. Even those templates from They Say, I Say (that I used to roll my eyes at), made sense when it was time to write our essays. I think we all learned a lot and got so much from the class. Plus, now we all know that vampires really do exist! Thank you to Professor Villarreal and the entire class for a great semester! Good luck to everyone!

Running Late!

Hey Class!
I hope finals are going well!
I know some of you were planning on coming by my last office hours of the semester today to pick up your folders, but I'm afraid I'm going to be running late. Due to a broken rail I had to switch to a local line which may take quite a bit longer :-/ I apologize to those who won't be able to wait for me, but I hope you'll stop by sometime next semester. And if I don't see or hear from you beforehand, I hope you enjoy your break!
Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Breaking Bad is all the tv I need.

This Seems Familiar

Erin Ackerman explains in the passage "Analyze This" that us humans are very complicated and that any information that we have on each other should be partial because we are all very different. Some of us do things different and with that, it allows us to see things in different views which makes us behave different to one another. Ackerman also explains that good writing requires that the writer first demonstrate about all possible views on the subject. Good writing should start with what others say and then with what you would say as a result of the claim or subject. Many great tips are given in this passage on ways to write in social sciences because as a generation that is extremely into social networkings and things, we should now how to understand and help understand our readers. Another great tip is that our introduction should state something that will help the reader understand whats next to come.
This article reminds me of what we do in english comp 2. We are told to have counter arguments and write essays that should be an argument. We must look at all possible outcomes and statements that a reader would think like, what if this were to happen? Reading this passage seems very familiar to what we do in class. This helps the reader stay interested as well as understand us better. Social sciences will always be difficult to comprehend but, writing like this surely helps make it less difficult.