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"I vaaant to suck your blaaaaaad" HALLOWEEN COSTUME PICTURE

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Halloween Comic Fest!

HALLOWEEN COMIC FEST! That was an enjoyable trip to Midtown Comics. So although I took a few comics I decided to read an Archie comic entitled, "Reggie in Egology".

Reggie is in love with himself. He considers his ego to be the highest of high standards. He doesn't notice anyone doing great because his ego won't let him. This comic is all about Reggie and his enormous ego. He basically just goes around showing ways to tend to his ego. Theres a drawing of him playing basketball saying that he enjoys the compliments because he enjoys feeding his ego, thus he plays really well to always continue receiving the food for his ego. Egotistic this one.

In "Creating The Myth"  Seger speaks about how whatever our culture there are universal stories to form the basis for all our particular stories. I'm reminded of this when Reggie basically shows how much he is full of himself. The fact that he uses basketball to show a way his ego is boosted and fed just shows that that may be what he grew up on watching people do and get so many compliments on is why he decided to play basketball and get compliments as well.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Well hello London, I've missed you" (Count Draculas mind)

Guess who has arisen from the dead and is back to unleash a world of pain? 
Can you believe it? Last I heard he crumbled to dust. Now we already knew blood sustained him, but that it would bring him back to life after he was killed? I didn't see that coming. From the 1800's all the way to the 21st century, this vampire is pretty popular. Had he not have been, he wouldn't be able to just simply make such a comeback. What's the huge shocker (especially for those who have read the novel) is who brings him back to life.

Alexander Grayson is the new name Dracula decides to go by. The story takes place in 1890's London. The show opens with a lot of people going into Dracula, or Grayson, or his earlier name, Vlad the impalers home. What is a total shocker is that the person who brings him back to life is the same person that got the group together and worked so hard to see him killed, none other than Van Helsing. Grayson impresses his guests with his wireless power where he lit up light bulbs, wirelessly. A group which goes by The Order of The Dragon didn't like to see this because much of their wealth is from oil holdings. Dracula ends up killing one of the men that seem to not be too happy about his latest invention. He ripped the throat of the man in anger. Pretty gruesome stuff, but of course, this is what we like to see. Grayson seems to want revenge on these Order of the Dragon fellows. He's out for their blood.

Dracula ends up seeing a Miss Mina Murray and seems to catch a strong liking or interest for her. Mina seemed to feel a strange connection to Dracula as well. Meanwhile that's going on Dracula is engaging in a relationship with a woman named Lady Jayne. As I'm sure she doesn't know his true identity, she seems infatuated by him. Lady Jayne might just be the Evil Demon Seductress we were all hoping for to see engage Dracula in combat of love. Hmm, I'll definitely be tuned in next Friday for more blood and gore.

Speaking of which, Stephen Kings "Why We Crave Horror Movies" seems to explain why it is I'm having this craving for more episodes of this blood lusty show. I love to watch these things because I don't get to see people do such things in my life, the blood spurting, fight scenes with fang teeth ready to pierce into skin. Stephen King definitely hit the mark by saying we crave these things from horrors because it's what we like to see more then likely arising from the fact we don't get to see these things on the regular basis.

He is on time for the Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone! And welcome back dear Dracula! You're right on time for the creepy season of the year. We've been waiting for your came back for over 100 years, and now you are here with us. Let's start celebrating that with the Halloween and the new TV series of Dracula on NBS channel.

The new show that came out last friday to set us for the right direction for the holiday mood is just the beginning of an amazing and completely unexpected turn over in the story of the original Dracula by Bram Stocker.

The series premier showed different approach from the producers and screenwriters. They made the show more interesting and complex by adding some new plots and ideas into the story. For example, the Count appears as an American businessman and is an employer of Reinfield. Which is very possible comparing to the book, because Reinfield was under his influence or spell should we say, so he is with the Dracula now in the show. Another, unexpected turn over is that we see a new woman who is way better fighter than some man nowadays (lol). She is obviously against the vampires, as she keeps one in the cage. However, the story of our group of people who fought the Dracula in the book remained with the slightest change, but overall stayed untouched. Only Mina now is studying medicine unlike the book where she was a school teacher. Lucy stayed in her charming character as well, and Harker is also keeps his position as a journalist.

Even-though the first episode was about 40 minutes it had a good start and kept it's viewers glued to the screens. It's definitely an updated version of the Dracula we all know and hopefully the whole season of it is as interesting as the first pilot episode.     

Once death but not any more

           After reading the book it was surprisingly well received the news that Dracula would be a TV series, but it made wonder what type of genre would it fell in. The good thing is that Dracula could take avenue since the book itself touches several points of social fears and desires. So, with this in mind I watched the Dracula "The blood is the Life," on Hulu. 

          The Dracula the new TV series base on the original book with the same name by Bram Stoker brought an unexpected twist to beginning with. Dracula, who is discovered by treasure hunters, takes the mask of an American business man. In other instance, Harker, Mina, and Lucy almost play similar roles with the book, with the exception of Mina, who study medicine. As those shifts in the play took place, new characters jumped to stage such as the rich men who controlled oil and energy businesses. The astonishing scene was the party where Dracula had a flashback of his lovely wife who much look like Mina since then the theme of desire got set. Nevertheless, Dracula's intentions in London are to seek revenge for the death of his love ones and to make paid the rich social class of the time. Then the story turns to the left.

          Dracula in this case makes remarks of the movie The dark night, which almost has a similar concept, due to  Greyson, Dracula, feels that the only way to make justice for the death of inhabitants of his time si to take justice with his own hands. Likewise, Batman fights crime because his family dies in a mugging accident. As a result, the show's tone coins to action and romanticism. Greyson like Batman during the day are mysterious wealthy individuals who try to learn or to be part of the society and at sun set spy those who planted suspicious attitudes and hunt them down. 
          If this TV show is meant to germinate some horror and suspense feelings upon the audience then it is not in the right track. However, if it is a show about an unhuman hero fighting against the evil wealthy people whose ambitions cannot be satisfied and therefore keep burying the society in poverty, yes the show is okay. Otherwise, it follows almost the same patter of many shows with their heroes winning the battle between good and bad, and the love of the princes.  


Searching for Evidence

          The reading that I choosed was The End of White America by Hua Hsu, who applied several sources to clarify the slow decline of the white race as identity. Specially, he uses Fitzgeral's narrative The Great Gatsby from which he brings the ideal white race identity from the 20's and meets with the changes of the idea today. 
          Instead of going more in depth in Fitzgeral's writing, I took a different approach to comprehend the book in matter and Hsu's respond to white America identity. Consequently, I searched for opinion journals that could tell me a little more about the period in which The Great Gatsby was printed. 
          The New Yorker: All ThaT Jazz "The Great Gatsby" by David Denby depicts the early beginnings of the book and the dissatisfaction of the reader and media. The book fell flat with poor sales and public commentaries which could add extra weight to the decaying health of the author who beside struggle with alcoholism needed public recognition and money. What started in the nineteen-thirties as a failure production, currently, the Unit States trade-paperback edition sell half million copies every year since "Gatsby" surfs the tile of a struggling America and yet self-created.  When 1925 Fitzgeral sent copies of the script to several authors who printed back thank-you notes, the authors categorized the writing as a modern piece. Actually, the book have become film plays the most recently was the hyperactive 3D version by the Autralian director Luhrmann. That book as it is set the tone of a social striving for class differentiation, and the power of an old money versus new money. It lays the landscape of social prejudice, cheating, love and the entrance of Jazz music. By contras, the 3D movie delivered poorly in screen scenes, for scenes the book set as motional moment, now they are barely a frantic jumble. Even the Jazz, which Fitzgeral put it to imply the social division, was debased with redolent of the genre. Maybe, the changes were made with the intention of attracting young audiences, but as translation of a book that have been part of in some level of the 
America story seemed to lose the insight of the book. 
          At first view, maybe the article does not relate to Hsu's opinion, but it gave me the understanding of Fitzgeral's "Gatsby" as evidence of the ups and downs of the identity in the Unit States. Also, that the book was used in screen plays means that other individuals either purposely  or not may have similar ideas that Hsu. 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Still as Sexy as the Day I First Laid Eyes On You...

October 28, 2013
Hey Dracula,
Congratulations on your new show! Frankenstein must be green with envy! 116 years since Stoker’s novel was first published and you don’t look a day over 100! It’s as if you just came off the boat from Transylvania yesterday. So tell me what’s your secret? Have you had some work done? Maybe a little nip and tuck? Well, you’ve definitely had a makeover.

For one, you’ve become so much more modern, so much more multicultural and diverse. Renfield has become a tall, strong brotha! (Between you and me, Dracula has always needed a little bit of color.) Yes, Jonathan Harker is still dating Mina, Lucy is still dating every man within a 50 mile radius, but who is this new sexy fearless vampire huntress they call Lady Jane? Move over Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Step aside Van Helsing! No more helpless Victorian ladies in waiting!

Plus, you’ve been reading haven’t you? Maybe a little Charles Dickens or dare I say it, a little bit of Karl Marx? I mean, how else can you explain this new populist sentiment? Dracula teaming up with a group of proletariat rebels to save the British economy from an elitist group of oil tycoons?  It’s about time you stood for something and grown out of that adolescent, Don Juan, wanna-be-player persona. (Sorry Twilight and Vampire Diaries, but Dracula isn’t just for kids.)  And what’s all this talk about science and Darwinism? Do you really intend to help advance the human race? I’m sure you plan on doing that one bite at a time (wink, wink).

Now, I know how hard you’ve been working to become fresh and new, but you didn’t have to work so hard to please us. Remember what Del Toro and Hogan wrote about you in “Why Vampires Never Die?” We’ll never get tired of you. Your sexiness and youthfulness always draw us back in making us hungry for more. That’s why you’ve recruited actors like Jonathan Rhys Meyers with his bedroom eyes onto your team. Every scene is filled with bountiful cleavage, deep throaty voices and lighting that flatters every wrinkle and minimizes every pore. You’re in the business of selling sex! You still strike fear in the heart of every man and desire in the most intimate parts of every woman when you walk into the room. That’s your trademark! And you better never touch that or the 100+ year love affair is over!  

So here’s to 100 more years of long smoldering stares, moonlit strolls, tangled bed clothes and all night blood binges. I hope to see you again same time next week. Until then, I’ll keep the lights off for you...
Always yours truly,

D. W.