Sunday, December 1, 2013

Step by Step Moves to Write a Good Paper

       The chapter 14 “Analyze This. Writing in the Social Sciences” by Erin Ackerman is about how to write paper in the social sciences. The chapter demonstrates several aspects of how to improve your writing and gives the step by step examples. “The best way to do that is to bring your views into conversation with those expressed by others...” (176). The author in this chapter suggest that we, who write in the social sciences, should follow some basic moves and that includes “strong introduction and thesis, literature review, and the writer's own analysis, including presentation of data and consideration of implications” (177). The chapter also demonstrates and explains all this moves with provided examples. Basically our papers should follow specific template when writing in social sciences and to do so we have to have a conversation with the texts and our ideas. After we set up a main idea, claim or a thesis we should explain why it matters and why would the reader be interested in it, so to answer the question “so what? and who cares?”

      That is exactly what we've been practicing this semester in English 24 class. By reading chapters from the book “They say/I say” by Graff and Birkenstein, by writing the blogs following this exact steps and of course, by writing the essays throughout the semester. Writing with the provided templates and set up structure is very helpful, however, as Erin Ackerman wrote in chapter 14 that “Good writing in the social sciences, as in other academic disciplines, requires that you demonstrate that you have thought about what it is you think” (176).    


  1. Hi
    I did not read this chapter but from what i see in your writing it is surprisingly to find out that one has learn to write social science paper without knowing it.

  2. This is some strong writing, Mariya! You wove those quotes in nicely :-)