Sunday, December 1, 2013

Social Sciences and a Guideline to a Great Paper

      Erin Ackerman writes in chapter fourteen "Analyze This" about the social sciences which is basically the study of people, their behaviors and interactions with other people. Ackerman discusses the important elements within writing in the social sciences. The first part is the introduction which introduces the thesis, and explaining what the following text is going to be about. Ackerman states in some instances it is important to discuss the "they say " and "I say" perspectives in the introduction. The literature review is the summary of everything that has already been said on the topic. This where they "they say" is discussed in more depth, but it is important to balance the viewpoints you are responding on while being clear on the points you are trying to make. The analysis is where you present the data and support your claim. "The social sciences uses data to develop and test explanations"(186). Ackerman explains the three most important things to do is to define the data, explain where you got the data, and then explain what has been done to the data. She also explains it is important to acknowledge other perspectives "by considering possible objections to your argument, you demonstrate that you've done your work"(189) and also "most important, you present your own argument as part of an ongoing conversation"(189). Lastly we need to talk about who should care about the research and why they should care at all.
      The writing in this field is not much different from the writing we've done this semester. The use of "they say, I say", presenting objections, using research to support our claim, and explaining within our text who should care is all very familiar. It helps to read this chapter to gain further knowledge on presenting these ideas in our papers. The only difference is that this chapter focuses more on aspect of social sciences and we have based our papers on our own claims. But in the end it was very helpful especially with the final paper where all this information is incorporated within our texts.


  1. I agree with your statement that this chapter was very helpful in a way. Also, I like your summary and that you explained each step of the writing process and it's model.

  2. Good post! But I'm not sure about what you mean here: "The only difference is that this chapter focuses more on aspect of social sciences and we have based our papers on our own claims." Are social science papers also based off the writer's claim?