Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why zombies are popular

For essay #3 I will continue to talk about Chuck Klosterman's article My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead. One of the sources I will be using as a source is "Our Zombies, Ourselves: Why we can't get the undead off our brain" by James Parker. This article is one of my scholarly sources. In this article Parker talks about the history of zombies and sort of where they originated from. Parker also brings up very interesting point on the popularity of zombies and a brief timeline on zombies. Various types of pop culture which includes zombies were used such as, the films Night of the Living Dead,White Zombie, the books The Zen of Zombies, Zombie Haiku, and the television series The Walking Dead. By using these references Parker helps show us how zombies seem to continually draw our interest. 
This article will fit into my essay because it will help me to inform the reader sort of how zombies came and which popular films started to really make the zombie what it is today. As discussed in the article I will be able to discuss films as late as the 20th century. It will also help me to show that zombies are popular not only by their appearances in films but in books and television shows as well. Another way that it can help me it will also help me point out the killing of zombies, which is discussed in Klosterman's article. It also breaks down the idea of the zombie virus and how quickly it escalates to a world wide epidemic. This brings me to one of the citations I will use. I will be using the quote "the zombie is wild-eyed and very fast. The virus, too, has been ferally accelerated: now, scant seconds after having your throat ripped out, you stand up snarling and race off in search of prey." This quote helps give us more visionary on zombies. As we read that we start to picture maybe an already present vision of zombies and what the zombie virus is. This quote will help to explain that a zombie virus is something that quickly escalates and will soon infect everyone.

 Parker, James. "Our Zombies, Ourselves: Why We Can't Get The Undead Off Our Brains." Atlantic Monthly (10727825) 307.3 (2011): 32-33. Academic Search Complete. Web. 14 Nov. 2013.  

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  1. So I have some bad news, Patrick; this isn't a scholarly source :-/

    Also, you haven't really summarized Parker; you've told us what's in his article: "By using these references Parker helps show us how zombies seem to continually draw our interest." Now tell us how he thinks zombies draw our interest!