Monday, November 4, 2013

 I was a little confused when I saw Tamron Hall standing there since I know her from hosting Deadline crime after double checking I wasn't watching the ID network I settled down to watch the show. Why We <3 Vampires was a really good TV special the reminded me alot of the similarly named Vampires And Why We Love Them by Eric Camarillo. They had lots of different actors, comedians, writers as speakers-- Anne Rice! Fangirl swoon-- and even had different categories that were “won” sort of like a vampire awards show. The show went over many different vampire shows, movies, tv programs from modern day stuff like to more classic depictions and shows from decades past in a very fun way. I feel like this show could easily be made into a "Vampires for Dummies" book with chapters like Vampire Killing 101, Vampire Super Powers And You, Caution! Maybe Hot!: Sexy Foreign Vampire Chicks included of course. I felt like this representation really highlighted Camarillo's idea that each generation accepts the vampire they think they deserve.  


  1. Count von Count! Childhood memories...

  2. Good post, Collette! It was funny, but not as critical as I hoped it would be :-/