Sunday, November 17, 2013

The "N" Word... Essay3

On of my secondary sources is an article called “J Lo Sings Sour Note” and was written by Ron Scott. This article was published in The New York Amsterdam News in August of 2001. The article explains the distasteful use of the word nigga in the famous Jennifer Lopez’s hit song “I’m Real.”  One point that the author touches on is that most of the heat came from Star, one of the radio show hosts from radio station Hot 97, Star and Buck Wild. Star simply states that it was automatically wrong for J Lo to use this word because she isn’t black. Ignorant claim, huh? Well, some people really feel that way. Star felt that it was disrespectful and derogatory. The article also goes into a brief history and background of the word and how it was intended back when slavery was a huge civil issue. For these reasons, this article is relevant to my final paper. It touches up on recent pop culture issues with this word, and it describes its history. It doesn’t have a side; it recognizes both with great arguments to back it up.
“While walking the streets of New York City, one can hear Latinos and teens of other races greeting each other and their black friends by saying ‘What’s up, my nigga?’ and all parties are smiling.” This is the quote I will be taking from this article and be putting into my paper, not exactly sure where yet.  But it does add to my point of questioning why is it ok for some to use it and not all? Or, how dark of a Latino do you have to be for it to be considered acceptable?

Scott, Ron. "J-Lo Sings Sour Note." New York Amsterdam09 Aug 2001, Pg 19 & 25. Web. 17 Nov. 2013.

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