Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Faculty Creates The Myth.

A small town high school slowly begins to get taken over by aliens. It begins with the gym teacher and spreads across the rest of the staff. It is first discovered when a small organism is brought to a science professor’s attention and upon it being placed in the water it grows and multiplies. The odd acting (possessed by aliens) faculty slowly begins attacking students. Nerdy Casey Connor and four other high school cliché friends have basic drama unfold between them split with scenes that pictured the lounge filled with teachers constantly drinking water. Eventually Casey realizes the greater issue and is condemned as insane for it by his parents. No one aside from his friends believes him and slowly they are possessed as well. He saves the day and defeats the "Queen Alien" who was disguised as a cute transfer student. 

In “Creating The Myth”, Linda Seger describes the three similar basic ways in which a story is presented. These categories are the hero, the heath and the combination myth. Each has a similar course and reason for reaching people. These universal myths reflect our view of ourselves and the world around us.

The Faculty embraces conventional archetypes and plots making the clichés of high school and creepy science fiction into a humorous reason to watch the same myth portrayed again. This hero myth has the stereotypical story line that begins in the mundane world where the main character Casey has his life flipped around by these aliens. He faces several obstacles that force him to stand up and be brave. Eventually when he comes face to face with the horrifying monster that is terrorizing everyone, he employs the help he was given by one of his friends. He comes out the hero everyone loves who gets the girl and the fame. While Casey fills the hero archetype, the alien new girl is the trickster, his four friends are his helpers and the drugs he is given are used as a protective amulet.

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