Friday, November 22, 2013

The deconstruction of Televeison

Gozzi Jr., Raymond. “Television as a Deep Metaphor in Destruction.” ETC: A Review of General Semantics 528 (2001): 211. Academic Search. Web. 18 November 2013.

       Raymond Gozzi Jr. in his article “Television as a Deep Metaphor in Deconstruction” writes about the future of television and how the popularity is coming to an end.  Gozzi writes about how important appeal is to the viewers and how destruction is coming for reality television.  “These shows must appeal to large audiences with different political opinions, personal tastes, etc.” (Gozzi)  Like Will says, soon enough reality television will no longer shock us, it would become so predictable that we would be bored.  “Being obvious or “preachy” is a major sin for mass media writers.” (Gozzi) Being different and shocking is the only way to keep the viewer’s coming.  This idea of the shock factor is crucial in the world of television.
          Raymond Gozzi Jr. uses meta commentary when he says "My theme here is that deconstruction often operated from a hidden, deep metaphor. This deep metaphor is television." He uses this to alert the readers to an elaboration of a previous idea (the deconstruction of television).  


  1. Reality shows suck. That's why some of them are scripted. And tv in general is starting to suck also. Most of the shows on now are recreations of previous shows. Everyone recycle each others ideas. But did the use of the metacommentary by the author weaken or strengthen your original opinion about tv?

  2. Late!

    There's good summary here, but why are you only looking at one example of metacommentary?