Friday, November 15, 2013


Hamilton, James. The Power Failure Seen Around The World. February 4, 2013. Blog.

In this blog post by James Hamilton, Hamilton writes about the redundancy of televison and what we do to keep the viewers coming.  As an example, Hamilton uses the Super Bowl.  A very popular game that comes on TV once a year,  every time they try to make it even one step better than it was the year before because no one will want to see the same line up every year over and over again. "On average over the last couple of years, the Super Bowl has attracted 111 million bowers annisnthe number 1 most watched televison show in North America." Being this popular must be very difficult to hold as number one for the amount of years it has.  This is very similar to what George F. Will is saying in his article Reality Televeison: Oxymoron, where televison is trying to up there ratings with making a new show based on a similar yet older show, or the same show like the Super Bowl, just adding that new spark to it every year to keep the viwers satisfied.

Doig my essay #3 based off of my presentation "The Ridixulousness of Televison"

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