Thursday, November 21, 2013

Metacommentary: The Power of Stars

Elberse, Anita. "The Power Of Stars: Do Star Actors Drive The Success Of Movies?." Journal Of  Marketing 71.4 (2007): 102-120. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 21 Nov. 2013.

         Anita Elberse author of the article “The Power of Stars: Do Star Actors Drive the Success of Movies?” in the Journal of Marketing writes her article about whether the success of films depends on the amount of fame the stars playing the roles have. She talks about the many myths people in Hollywood have about the use of the top stars in films and also about the viewpoints of other movie critics and their standpoint on this issue. Elberse uses many studies to show the effect of star power on revenues, and uses the studies of many others to guide her research. After having done her research Elberse came to the conclusion that although stars influence film-level revenue, there was no support for her claim that stars are the reasons behind movie success.

          Finding metacommentary in Elberse’s writing was a difficult but with some rereading I found some examples. One of the templates Elberse used frequently was “For example” a way of providing concrete evidence for the point she was making. Another template she used in her article was “Although some practioners argue that...” in anticipation and response to an objection. I think the title is also a use of metacommentary, she starts with “The Power of Stars” which is the basis of the article and then she explains exactly what she is going to be researching with the use of the subtitle “Do Star Actors Drive the Success of Movies?” I think the use of metacommentary in her writing was helpful. It helps to understand exactly the point she was trying to make. Even though it was hard to find I understood at the end of the article the purpose of her writing.

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