Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Richardson, Chris. "'Can't Tell Me Nothing': Symbolic Violence, Education, And Kanye West." Popular Music & 

                                     Society 34.1 (2011): 97-112. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Nov. 2013

Reading The Art of Metacommentary made me read different once I decided to give my secondary source a second look. Throughout the article, it tells us about many different tips that we can do as writers to not only let the readers negotiate and process our thoughts, but how it can help us generate more ideas about our essay or topic. It gives many different examples and templates on how to do metacommentary. When I decided to give my secondary source another look, I noticed that Chris Richardson does many of these techniques in the writing. Within the third paragraph of Richardson's "Cant Tell me Nothing" he states "This paper focuses on the work of Kanye West as a popular and revealing examply of how symbolic violence can be negotiated within Hip-Hop culture"  He gives us the readers an example or background of how hes looking at a certain person so we could better understand the writing. I'm sure there are many ways to view Kanye West; using that statement lets me know that hes looking at Kanye west as a popular and revealing artist. Richardson uses another example in the next paragraph stating.

"Ultimately, I argue that West presents one of the most powerful critques of symbolic violence in Hip Hop through these acts"

Richardson is backing up his claim with this sentence and is informing us that he believes THIS because of THIS.  I read this statement and immediately asked , WHO CARES? Not too long after the sentence he got me back stating,

" Which illuminate many of the underlying social problems that can lead to the physical violence emphasized in popular debates"

The Art of Metacommentary really helped me see that these tips can indeed help you generate ideas and help the reader as well seewhere you're coming from.

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