Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hip Hop's Responsibilities.

Hip Hop is usually looked upon has the 'opposite' of classical music. With all of its curses* and derogatory languages, someone who believes that they 'know music' may infer that hip hop is the lower level genre. To believe that Hip Hop/ Rap music is 'less than' is a bit ridiculous. Hip Hop is the cool older sister you look up too. Yeah, she got in trouble a few times but you know her intentions are all good. Andreana Clay, Assistant Professor of Sociology at San Francisco State University, seems to agree. In her article, "All I Need Is One Mic": Mobilizing Youth for Social Change In the Post-Civil Rights Era. She explains how Hip Hop is made to give youth a chance to be a part of society. She uses lyrics from influential artist like Tupac Shakur and Erykah Badu to illustrate the idea that Hip Hop has given itself a responsibility to let youth think about what's happening around them. Hip Hop's responsibility is to create the thought that we are not alone when it comes to our emotions, sorrows, trials and tribulations.
This article will be great for my essay number three because it creates the debate that Hip Hop did not fall off the charts of relevancy. In matter of fact, it is still able to create a place for anyone to come and enjoy their selves outside of their reality. In the article, Clay refers to Tupac's as an influential rapper that helps Hip Hop progress. 

     "Tupac may be the most influential rapper to have lived. His voice rings through our cultural landscape and hovers over our spirits with formidable intensity. ... He narrated his life as a road map to suffering, wrenching a brutal victory from the ghetto he so loved, and the fame and fortune that both blessed and cursed him. As the supreme symbol of his generation, he embodied its reckless, audacious liberties and its ominous hopelessness." 
This will help my essay because artist like Tupac are the fore fathers of this beautiful genre. Because of his ability to recite great work, artist after him have tried to accomplish what he has done, if not do it better. giving Hip Hop the responsibility to enrich youth's mind and intellect where it has created many of today's youth to prosper. Also this article will enlighten naysayers to consider Hip Hop not as it's verbally challenged step cousin of music, but their role model of an older sister that allowed another person to lead the way. 

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  1. There's some good research here! But where's your summary of the article? You tell us her main point, but what else does she discuss?

    And where's the Works Cited entry?