Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hidden Task.

In "Hidden Intellectualism" by Gerald Graff we are provided with reasons why street smarts should be used as a learning tool to obtain intellectual information. He suggests that his hobbies early on in life are why he is able to write prolifically. I feel like this is an argument that has been made to the point of exhaustion. The 'underdog on the come up' shown in universal myths are most powerful because he paves his own way. This is why Graff and many others believe it is best for us to learn through things that interest us. When we understand something that is directly connected to us and it enhances or changes our view we have no choice but to apply to our everyday lives.
After waking up from a nap at about 10 PM I decided it was time to read the article. I was slightly groggy but none the less devoted. I sat in my comfy purple chair  and turned on my overhead lamp as I always do for reading. I braced myself considering this article was supposed to be difficult and began my process. I figured I would reread and make notes while on the bus to school and write my blog in the library. pencil in hand I was ready to attack the text . I underlined a few main points as I went through but i was waiting to get to the intellectually stimulating part. Continued underlining. By page 205 I wanted to rant about how bad the article was I made one note  : Boring, so in some way he made his point quite well. this had to be a joke Then I read the assignment and had an "Ohhh..." moment.

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