Thursday, November 21, 2013


MetaCommentary : Watching Tv makes you Smarter Works Cited : Johnson,Steven. "Watching Tv makes You Smarter ". They say I Say Comp.Gerald Greff,CathyBerkenstein , Russel Durst , New York W.W Norton and Company ,2009 .Print Annotation : The main point in Johnsons article is based on his theory called “The Sleeper Curve”. This theory states “ Television alters the mental development of young people for the better.” (Johnson, 214) . Reality television affects the younger generations in a positive way ,how you may ask it helps them with personal development .Something I found to be quite interesting is how Johnson mentions multiple threads in television episodes are much more complex than old television shows .Johnson refers to the Mary Tyler Show and how it is a cookie cutter were reality tv shows have real life issues we can relate to .Johnsons article about how younger generations are given mindless television that they cannot apply to their everyday life to watch and then expect to go out in the real world of high school and college and deal with tough situations .Through Harder more intense television our younger generations could have a bit a better idea on how to handle these situations ,and knowing that many things can change . Years ago televisions shows would have never shown such horrors. Because the shows were not as violent or scenes were not as complex as they are now. “The sleep curve exists because theres money to made by making culture smarter .”(Johnson ,287) . People naturally crave more knowledge . The sleeper curve tells us something important about the human mind . The mind has a need to figure out plots ,detecting patterns and understanding a narrative and each role a character plays in that specific plot . one meta commentary Idid find in the article is when he says in pointing out some of the ways that popular culture has improved our minds ,i am not arguing that parents should not stop paying attention to the way their children amuse..... Another one is I believe that the sleeper curve is the single most important new force altering the mental development of young people today and I believe it is largely a force for good .

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  1. So lots of summary and opinion here but little analysis of metacommentary :-/