Friday, November 15, 2013

Hello Wake up Smell the coffee

Works Cited :

Can dying social media platforms be revived?" Campaign Middle East 14 July 2013. General OneFile. 15 Nov. 2013.

Everyday a new trend is started whether it is the latest pair of Jordans or the latest website were you can connect with your friends . Within the article "Is Facebook a fad ", Farhad Manjoo tells us basically that Facebook is not going to die and he makes a comparison of Facebook to myspace which was a popular website in its day and age . Until people moved on to Facebook because Facebook was at the time meeting those needs we longing to be met . I am going to prove that Facebook isn't going over any were by providing information from within the article" Can dying social media platforms be revived ? "  which tells us that Facebook and twitter are always changing to meet to our needs and websites such as hi 5 and bebo and myspace are examples  of websites that try tp revive themselves through new promotions but fail to do so because people lose interest within the site . Also they try to be current with new technology that is out but once people loose that interest it is very hard to get it back .

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  1. Late! And also a little all over the place.

    What are you annotating here? "Can dying social media platforms be revived?" or "Is Facebook a fad?"