Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Comic Fest!

HALLOWEEN COMIC FEST! That was an enjoyable trip to Midtown Comics. So although I took a few comics I decided to read an Archie comic entitled, "Reggie in Egology".

Reggie is in love with himself. He considers his ego to be the highest of high standards. He doesn't notice anyone doing great because his ego won't let him. This comic is all about Reggie and his enormous ego. He basically just goes around showing ways to tend to his ego. Theres a drawing of him playing basketball saying that he enjoys the compliments because he enjoys feeding his ego, thus he plays really well to always continue receiving the food for his ego. Egotistic this one.

In "Creating The Myth"  Seger speaks about how whatever our culture there are universal stories to form the basis for all our particular stories. I'm reminded of this when Reggie basically shows how much he is full of himself. The fact that he uses basketball to show a way his ego is boosted and fed just shows that that may be what he grew up on watching people do and get so many compliments on is why he decided to play basketball and get compliments as well.

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  1. Nice! Glad you enjoyed it! I'm still upset I missed it :-(