Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting a Cite

I try everything that I know to indent the cite, after all, it beat me.

Joppke Christian. "Multiculturalism And Immigration: A Comparison Of The United States, Germany, And Great Britain." Theory & Society Vol. 25, No. 4 (Aug.,  1996): pp. 449-500.Academic Search Complete. Web. 14 Nov. 2013.

          Multiculturalism, the phenomenon trying to find equal rights for ethnic, racial, religious, or sexually defined groups- is the most dangerous topic in academics. Multiculturalism has become a movement of the left because of its insistence in emancipation. Yet its argument of particularistic- uniquely defined groups, deviates multiculturalism from the universal school of thought of the left movement. That is, it again enters the arenas that before was owned by the political rights. Hence, multiculturalism can occupy the spot politic of difference, which stresses authenticity and rejects Western views. In addition, multiculturalism is modern and anti-modern, too. It rapidly conveys modernism by exposing the collapse of social hierarchies and the precarious nature of identity in an individualized society where identity followed the traditional pattern has broken down. Indeed this new world is inhabited by homogenous and mutually exclusive communities. Nevertheless, that counterargues the universal principle of inclusion and functional differentiation and turns multiculturalism vulnerable to fundamentalism and anti-modernism. In sum, since multiculturalism runs a counter with inter conflicting concepts, it maybe is conceived in a form of plea for tolerance and mutual understanding within multiethnic societies. 

            I analyse an anime film through the Hua Hsu, "The end of white America," where the argument stablished casts the white race is submerging under the increasing immigrant population, and therefore the white race would no longer be in the power. Identity would be ascribed no by traditional patterns, but rather by lifestyle that every individual practices, say Hsu. In fact, it is not really the  true or easy according to Joppke, those groups- increased in number and coexisting in the same place- formed multiculturalism, which seeks equality and recognitions for underlook groups. Naturally, that protest for emancipation puts those groups over the whites, but it is not quite true that they, whites, are become something else perhaps they are forming a particular group. In short, I saw Joppke's study as a naysayer that could bright a different prospective to the topic that whites are disappearing. 



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  2. Multiculturalism is a good topic that people do not talk about anymore. Everyone assumes in 2013 every culture is accepted but Western culture is still seen as superior. I cannot wait to see what film you pick. Also, you need to include a quote for the annotation.