Monday, November 25, 2013

Even more clear

Christian Joppke, “Multiculturalism and Immigration,” the phenomenon trying to find equal rights for ethnic, racial, religious, or sexually defined groups- is the most dangerous topic in academics. Multiculturalism has become a movement of the left because of its insistence in emancipation. Yet its argument of particularistic- uniquely defined groups, deviates multiculturalism from the universal school of thought of the left movement. That is, it again enters the arenas conduct by the political rights.what Joppke means here is that since multicultural society conveys that members congregate depending on the communal interest, those groups do not overlap on top of each other. Therefore, the society is deem as independently exclusive, which exclude participants that are out of their range  of interest. Nevertheless, Joppke is less concerned with the negative portion, and rather he pushes the best of multiculturalism as modern, for it includes distinct comers with similar interest.    

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  1. This is a good summary, victor, but what about the metacommentary that Joppke performs? The exercise asked you to analyze that :-/