Monday, November 11, 2013

Essay #3 Class Paraphrase

In our last essay we should build one question or thesis about a piece of pop culture that we find interesting or that we have discussed and would like to research further by using an article from Reading Pop Culture then connect it with a few outside texts. We can also connect it with analysis that we've done in the past in our discussions, blogs, and essays. We have to prove our idea/thesis by providing evidence from sources we will be researching using the school’s database (5-6 pages but may come out to more).

The Assignment: Para 1

Create a Claim based on your pop culture primary source (novel, movie, TV show, etc.) that you choose. Remember to summarize your Primary source. Bring together evidence about your pop culture issue, from your 3 secondary sources (1 scholarly, 1 naysayer, and an additional of your choosing). One of the 3 can be a text that we have read as a class. Finally, create an analysis to tie together all the sources to prove your claim.

The Assignment: Para 2
Keep in mind the topic can be an expansion of your essay #1, #2, the class presentation, or can be something totally new, discussed or not in class. You can be thinking about your possible claims, but be aware they may change. Then you should gather sources for possible claims and bring the ideas to class. Lastly, be prepared for a library visit to help with research. It would be very helpful to come :)

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