Thursday, November 7, 2013

War on drugs

      For years drug users and distributors have been demonized in the eyes of the public. In 1971 President Nixon declared war on drugs. Forty years later, this war is still raging and there's no end in sight. In "A People's Democratic Platform", Eric Schlosser suggests that America should end the war on drugs. The criminalization of these substances have overcrowded jails with drug users and dealers. It has also created a multi million dollar black market and organized crimes. Even though there are strict laws against drugs, it is still very much present in communities.  These rules and regulations haven't stopped the circulation or use of drugs. This is the reason why Schlosser claims the war on drugs is an epic fail. People who are against drugs, anti-druggies as I like to call them, would most likely object to that last statement.
      The anti-druggies would argue that the government is doing a pretty good job with controlling drug. Roughly 500,000 go to jail per year for associations with drugs. That's 500,00 addicts and criminals off the streets every year. Because jails doesn't give out drugs, drug addicts would have to go cold turkey. They would come out of jail clean and could be a productive member of society. Anti-druggies would also argue that having the drug dealers going to jail would make the community a safer place. Instead of being on the streets sealing drugs, they would be monitored in a cell. And the time spent in jail would reprimand these people. Their involvement with drugs would cease because they wouldn't want to go back.
      On one hand, I agree with anti-druggies that the people in jail wouldn't be able to immerse themselves in drugs. But on the other hand, i still insist that imprisoning people isn't the answer to stopping drug use in America. In fact imprisoning people would do the opposite. Jail is a melting pot for criminals of all fields. There is vast criminal knowledge waiting to be past to another other. A person could be sent to jail for selling weed and come out knowing how to hide a pound of cocaine in a dog's rectum. Jail can be looked at as a university of criminal professions.
The solution to the drug problem isn't criminalizing it. Drugs should be focused on as a public health issue.


  1. Prison reform needs more discussion. No one wants to talk about this topic but is necessary. Remember that movie Blow with Johnny Depp? Like a lot of convicts his character went into jail for one crime and came out learning how to do more serious crimes. We must all be concerned because these people will eventually be released back into the community.

    1. That movie is exactly where i got that idea from. And we do have to watch out for the released convicts. They're out of jail with knowledge about some many other things. And the fact that they were in jail probably gives them more motivation to not get caught.

    2. Really good point, Dawn!

      And great response, Chelby! But remember what the book says about respectfully responding to your naysayers; calling them "anti-druggies" might not be the best way of winning them over ;-)