Monday, November 11, 2013

Drug issues

Use of drugs is a big issues not only in the United States, but in many countries around the world. The war on drugs has been set by the US years ago and hasn't brought an end to the spread of drugs, the drug users, drug dealers and drug abuse in general, however it brought even more crimes, deaths and criminal minds in our society. Eric Schlosser wrote in “A People's Democratic Platform” about the issue on drugs. The author states that the American government should put an end to the war on drugs, since it's only worsened the situation over the years. He says that “people who seek to use marijuana as a medicine should no longer face criminal sanctions.” He brings in some examples with drug dealers and how after getting out of jail they aren't simply forgetting about drugs but find new ways to work with it and better ways how to hide it and avoid getting caught again. Eric Schlosser suggested that the American society could benefit from “less punishment and more compassion” for drug users and drug dealers, because if you can get drugs yourself you don't need a drug dealer. While it is true that the nation's prisons filled with drug addicts and drug dealers, it has organized more crime groups in our society for use of illegal drugs, it doesn't necessarily follow that the American society couldn't benefit from stopping the war on drugs and concentrate on this problem as a public health issue.  

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  1. Late but interesting post, Mariya! You seem to have begun by answering the naysayers BEFORE bringing them in. That's a fair way of doing it :-)