Sunday, November 3, 2013

Checklist: Wooden Steak, Garlic, Holy Water, Crucifix, Sunglasses.

(Sunglasses: just incase your dealing with Edward Cullen, the sparkler.)

Del Toro and Hogan trace the origin of vampires back to the varying culture based legends they come from. They are able to adapt to any story they are a part of and speak to what the time period calls for. For example Dracula glorified scientific reasoning mid- technological revolution. It gave society a break from historical religious reason, which was what they needed in their media and culture then. We are able to fear and free our inhibitions that are otherwise hidden.

King and Camarillo take roughly the same route as Del Toro and Hogan to the same conclusion. Vampires strike every chord in our bodies and minds in ways that other fictional characters have not. Who doesn't want to spend some time with a vampire? They're sexy, reckless, dangerous, and did I mention, now they come with feelings. They push the boundaries of four play and playing hard to get. Considering they always drag out the hunt and are literally unattainable, darling. They always provide us with what we are lacking as humans. (Song: Superhuman Touch by Athlete starts playing softly.) Immortality. The one thing we know is inevitable is suddenly within our reach and so is eternal love. How’s that to get your heart pounding?


  1. The glorifying of scientific reasoning by Stoker is rarely brought up when analyzing Dracula, really good point. I also really like your title a lot.