Sunday, November 3, 2013


Susan Sontag criticizes Sci-Fi movies at length. That is the best un-bias synopsis I can provide of the article. The details are more then complicated but I can attempt to clarify them. We watch these films to see the destruction of human kind. This conclusion is usually reached in similar ways an experiment that goes array; technology is out of our control.  These different forms ensue the same chaos that explodes across our screen every time and every time we are nail biting, on edge to see who’s going to die (even though we know the blonde girl with little intelligence is likely first). We are also waiting to see who will survive and what the Earth will look like once a nuke bomb goes off and somehow someone escapes to tell the story. Every time we ask ourselves: is the car crash devastating enough for us to not look away?
The answer is… YES.
Even though Sontag is harsh when attacking this genre it comes from a place of passion. Her voice somewhat reminisces on the fact that these films can make this ugliness so appealing. What person could watch that many films that they know they are going to hate? Clearly she understands Sci-Fi films in a way that no one other then a zealous fan could. In her stating that “Science fiction films are not about science” she is not condemning them for this fact she is stating that they are a testament to our view of our relation to the universe, how easily puny humans can be squashed. This makes it more than worthy of her nine-page critique.

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  1. Good summary and response, even if it is crazy late :-)