Friday, November 8, 2013

A come back

             Maybe antidrug supporters disagree in the ground that unlocking laws that control the use and sell of drugs in moral righteousness would help to get rid of drug dealers and rather  implementing laws base on common sense would have more effect in controlling illegal substances by emphasizing that those laws keep  social rhythm undisturbed and crime rates low. However, it is no true that the rates of crime are low. Because antidrug laws are so tight to moral and political issues, people who cultivate or carry small quantities of illegal drug are charge with a crime and categorize as criminal. As a result, those arrests would lift crime rates higher. Since those laws get stronger and stronger, drug seekers figure out more ways to obtain it and in their quest they break even more laws. What those laws really achieve is to boost drug dealers who make use of any alternative to sell their product, therefore, crime could get out of hand. So, by moving those drug laws to common sense, the crime rate would decrease, less citizens would enter jail, and society would have a sense of ownership of its actions. For example, if a persona who consumes marijuana could cultivate its own he/she would not depend on a drug dealer.      

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