Monday, October 7, 2013

Why is Sontag wasting her time?

In her article, “The Imagination of Disaster” Susan Sontag puts forth a very well thought out criticism against sci-fi movies. She pulls together alot of different example to help support her claim. Sontag even includes outlines of the two basic types of sci-fi movies. I must say, both list are quite similar. The rest of the article is just filled with more opinion, examples and supporting evidence.

In the beginning of the 21st paragraph, Sontag states “science fiction films are not about science." She goes on to argue that disaster is the main subject of all science fiction movies. And the success of the movie depends on how well you can pull off whichever disaster you set out to create, how believable and realistic you can make it. This is important to the point she is trying to make because it sort of discredits the whole science fiction genre. How brute like and uncultured it is to make movies about such things and to expect us, as a society to actually watch it, wide-eyed and enthralled. To delve into the second question, it can even be seen this early in the article the low opinion of sci-fi movies. You can tell she is sort of disinterested in her subject, or at least not the biggest fan. This is an opinion piece so I can't really say she was bias but, she doesn't give us any wiggle room. Sci-fi gets no breaks, no redeeming features in the slightest. Although she seems to well versed in her subject (rather then grasping at straws—she actually presents the evidence she feels will support her opinion) I felt as if the whole article was basically saying “you see?! Sci-fi movies have no merit in the art world! They are complete trash!” Mrs. Sontag, you are so well versed in “high” society affairs, sci-fi is obviously too low for yours why did you write a 15 page rant about it?


  1. You are right. She does not have anything positive to say about sci-fi. Since she is an academic and you would think she'd try to show both sides of the argument and be a little less biased. Sontag could at least try to show the other side's point of view. But honestly, I am sure there is at least one movie or type of movie or song or whatever, that you hate. When you feel that strongly about something it's hard to be fake and not say how you really feel. Sometimes you need to just tell it like it is. Plus she writes for a living so I am sure 15 pages is not that hard for her...

  2. Wow! Everyone's down on Sontag! I'm curious where, exactly, you two see her bias against sci-fi? Because I see lots of evidence, which makes her critique unbiased. I also don't see her disliking these movies, but we can discuss this in class...

    Where's your summary, Collette?!

    1. Edited and stuck a summary in there :P This will for sure be an interesting discussion.

    2. That is the lamest summary I've ever read. You basically wrote, "This article is about stuff."


  3. I felt the same way while reading this. I felt like it was such a drag and so ongoing about such negativity towards scifi movies. As a scifi fan it killed me lol. But like Dawn said its hard to write about something your not really interested in or hate.